Knicks recording Melo after trash talking incident

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The New York Knicks are bringing back the school yard to Madison Square Garden by making a bigger deal of on-court trash talk than in necessary. In wake of the Jan. 7 incident, when Carmelo Anthony sought out Boston Celtics big man Kevin Garnett in the parking lot after exchange of a few unsavory words, the New York Knicks have decided to record all in-game conversations between their star forward and opposing players.
New York Knicks owner James Dolan had two microphones placed at opposite ends of the court to in-game trash talk. The recordings from each game will go straight to James Dolan, who will review the tapes to determine if opposing players are going overboard in trash talk targeting Carmelo Anthony.
The 28-year-old Carmelo Anthony confronted Kevin Garnet near the Boston Celtics bus after last week’s loss since he was upset over a verbal jab Garnett directed at him during the game.
"It's certain things that you just don't say to men, another man," Carmelo Anthony later clarified the reasoning behind his response. "I felt that he crossed the line."
But trash talking is all part of the game and players usually hurl verbal insults at each other on court to throw opponents of their game. When you’re being paid millions of dollars to play at such a high platform in front of countless fans the only way around the situation is to take the high road and lift your game to hit back your opponent in the gut.
Carmelo Anthony failed to keep a level head since he claimed Kevin Garnett made comments about his wife. The league was less than sympathetic with Carmelo Anthony and served him with a one-game suspension.
Seeing how Carmelo Anthony’s been the backbone of the New York Knicks’ offense, and they’ve only been 3-4 without Anthony this season, James Dolan’s preemptive measures can be seen as an attempt to keep the five-time All-Star out of trouble and available at all time. The Knicks are coming out as strong championship contenders for the first time in several years, and James Dolan doesn’t want to mess up that flow.
So far, there is no rule against having recording equipment on the court, and the New York Knicks’ measures to protect Carmelo Anthony against trash talk were in place for the first time during Friday’s game against the Chicago Bulls.
Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau seemed to have no issues with the New York Knicks recording the game at Madison Square Garden, although he added its easier if you don’t let “that stuff to get you distracted” in the first place.
At this point, it is not clear if the New York Knicks will continue recording future games.
The New York Knicks left for a road trip on Monday to play the Detroit Lions in London on Thursday.
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