Kobe Bryant And Dwight Howard Feud Isn't For Real

Did Kobe Bryant And Dwight Howard Really Almost Come To Blows?

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Blog Photo - Kobe Bryant And Dwight Howard Feud Isn't For Real

Early this morning, an article was published in the New York Daily News which reported that after the Los Angeles Lakers' New Years loss, Kobe Bryant said that he agreed with Shaq's comments about Dwight Howard. This led to Howard having to be held back by his teammates, according to a league official.

This nugget then led to the premise of the article: that a Dwight to Brooklyn trade could be on the horizon.

The LA media quickly swarmed the story, seeking to find out if any of this was true, and it turned out to be completely false, from all accounts.

While there has been a lot of tension among the team, it was odd that a New York outlet would be the one to break a story from LA, and it seemed to just capitalize on what everyone already knows: the Lakers have chemistry issues.

It doesn't help that the Los Angeles Clippers are about as close-knit as a team can get, and not to mention are winning games. So, is there really an issue between Kobe and Dwight?

No. At least not one that they are going to acknowledge. Kobe posted this picture (above) to his Twitter account after the rumors started swirling, which features him fake boxing Dwight over Mike D'Antoni.

More than this showing that there isn't a beef between the two men, it shows that there is actually some camaraderie between them. Granted, they're not out dining at Boa together for a team meal on off-nights, but playing around, and posting it to social media is a heartening sign for Lakers fans.

Dwight is always a funny guy, but for Kobe to be the one with the pic speaks volumes about where his head is at. It doesn't seem like he's in tyrannical leader mode, but rather just trying to build something with these guys. With Dwight, it means you have to have fun.

The big guy out for an indefinite amount of time, and Kobe will be getting some of the younger guys involved, which could result in some crucial losses, or hopefully for them, some very encouraging wins.

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