Kobe Bryant Ready By the Season Opener?

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Blog Photo - Kobe Bryant Ready By the Season Opener?
Vice President of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jim Buss, spoke to NBATV on Thursday and said that Kobe Bryant was way ahead of schedule.  "Well, we're in Vegas, and I would bet a lot of money that this guy (Kobe Bryant) comes back probably in preseason," Buss said.  "He's real sharp in taking care of himself and he's not going to rush anything just to get back and prove a point. He's going to come back when he's right. He's a machine. He's inhuman. I see him coming back at the beginning of this season. I can't believe how much he's progressed so far."
It takes almost a full year to heal from an achilles injury, but if Kobe wants to play by the season opener, then he would be returning on the court within seven months of his injury.  While Kobe may be superhuman, if the Lakers are wise, they won’t rush the Black Mamba back just to prove that he is super-human.  The NBA season is long and arduous, and if the Lakers want to think long term, it may be better for them to have Kobe take a long time returning back to the court.
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