Kobe Bryant Reportedly Turns Down Trade to Bulls Because Luol Deng Involved

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There were all kinds of Kobe Bryant trade rumors flowing last night, but it appears one possible deal between the Kings, Lakers and Bulls looked good to all teams involved. Problem is Kobe Bryant didn't like it. Big surprise.

Kobe would like for Luol Deng to remain a Chicago Bull
and wouldn't we all. For all the "spoiled" talk he gets, who can blame him when he looks around the league and see many teams with two so-called starts.

The common reaction from Chicago media is that we don't need Kobe Bryant. I don't like the guy, but last night's game against New Jersey was a prime example of why they do need him. Ben Gordon is great at hitting threes during the third and fourth quarter but when it comes to closing the game out the Bulls don't have the player. Gordon was eaten up on the game's final possession in regulation and forced a bad shot. In overtime, no one was anywhere close to hitting.

I remain perplexed how much power Kobe has in this situation. How can one player demand a trade but then deny every offer on the table. That's Kobe for you. That said, it will eventually get done. Time to start mentally preparing for ultimate fan fear, being forced to cheer for one of my least favorite in the game.

Do you think a trade will be made before Thanksgiving?

Kobe objecting to Deng's inclusion in Bulls-Lakers trade (ESPN)
Bulls don't need Kobe Bryant (Chicago Tribune)
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11/1/07   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

The funny thing is that  Kobe and the Bulls hold all the leverage in this deal.  The longer the Lakers refuse to take part in any deal without Deng, the less the Lakers will ultimately recieve.  As for why would Kobe turn it down?  Whats the point of going East and playing with the same kind of team.  He wants championships which is what this is all about.  That, and due to his contract, he can because he holds the upper hand.

11/1/07   |   Wicked Jumpshot

Well put sir.  Was at the game and thought the exact same thing.  Gordon can be very dangerous in spurts, but can also disappear for stretches.  Kobe would force the action his way when time starts running out and no matter what the defense throws at him. 


And say what you will about Kobe, but at least he knows talent when he sees it.  I'll be stunned if Deng isn't on the All-Star team this season.