Kobe Bryant Retracts His "Dream Team" Statement

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July 27, 2012; London, United Kingdom; USA forward LeBron James (left) and guard Kobe Bryant (right) stand on a stage during a press conference in preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games at the Main Press Center.  Mandatory Credit: Alain Mounic/Presse Sports via US PRESSWIREKobe Bryant is back-pedaling on his statements about the current US Olympic team competing against the '92 Dream Team. 

Earlier this month, Bryant made some comments, that were blown a bit out of proportion, about how the current Olympic team would have been able to defeat the the Dream Team. Many of the former players who were on that team, like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, spoke out against Kobe saying that the Dream Team would definitely win.

Now Kobe is clarifying his comments saying:

"I didn't say we were a better team. But if you think we can't beat that team one time? Like I'm going to say no, that we'd never beat them... They are a better team. The question was 'Can we beat them?' Yes we can. Of course we can."

That's one of the things people love and hate about Kobe. He's a very confident player, and will always give his team a fighting chance. 

Sure, looking at the roster and the ages of the players, there is no doubt that the Dream Team had more experience, but Kobe knows that if there's a will there's a way. This US Olympic team is already showing that it's no scrub squad, decimating France's Tony Parker-led team in a 98-71 win for the Americans. 

A lot of times the media likes to take something an athlete said and run with it. It's good that Kobe, who typically wouldn't care, got a chance to clarify his comments, since he'll likely be working with his retired peers within the next decade.

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