Kobe Bryant Still Unsure of Himself

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Blog Photo - Kobe Bryant Still Unsure of Himself
It seems as though Kobe Bryant is still unsure when he will return, primarily because he is still unsure what type of player that he is. It is going to take a few more months before Kobe realizes what he can and cannot do, but that does not mean that he is not ready to play in a few more weeks.
"I have different options," Bryant said. "There's different ways I can go. Obviously the easier of the two would be I could have the same type of explosiveness that I had last year. Then it makes my game very easy. But, if it's not there, then I'm ready to adapt and I'm ready to change that and slow the tempo down, change up the rhythm a little bit. Go to more of a 'bump' game. So, I'm willing and ready to adapt to whatever my body is telling me.
The Lakers have some days off for the holidays, which means a lot less travel and a lot more practice time. This will allow Kobe to practice with teammates that he has never played with before. More than half of the Lakers roster is brand new and even though Kobe has been a Laker his entire career, his teammates are just rentals for the year. Nevertheless, practice is the best opportunity to gel together as a team.
"You kind of start looking at those dates a little bit, but I think those three (practice) days when we get back are going to be huge to kind of see what I can do, what I can't do, day after day. I need some more practices to kind of be able to measure it and test it and some of the limitations that I had in the first couple of practices, kind of come back and see if they're still there, if they're not," Bryant said.
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