Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony prepare for face-off at Christmas

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Blog Photo - Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony prepare for face-off at Christmas
The two top scorers in NBA will grace the court on Christmas Day when the Los Angeles Lakers host the New York Knicks. The mouthwatering finale to see who the best is will turn the Staples Center court into a fighting ring.
Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant believes Carmelo Anthony will fight tooth and nail to provide his side with victory and end the debate of who a true MVP. Presently, Kobe Bryant leads the NBA in scoring closely followed by second placed Carmelo Anthony.
“He's a weight class above,” Kobe Bryant said. “But I know where to fight at. It's a very interesting puzzle. You have to prepare for him a lot more than anybody else with his bag of tricks to go to. You have to be extremely, extremely prepared.”
In spite of injuries and various inconsistencies in the buildup to the season, Kobe Bryant has found himself in phenomenal form. Kobe Bryant is presently scoring at a rate of 29.7 points per game. The point guard’s shooting from 3-point range is impressive as well.
Carmelo Anthony isn’t far away from Kobe Bryant’s impressive averages. The 28-year-old’s scoring average is 28.3 points per game and his shooting average from 3-point range is 43.7 percent. Carmelo Anthony has responsibly stepped up to the cause and performed for the New York Knick in the absence of Amar’e Stoudmire.
Critics have lambasted against Carmelo Anthony for caring too much about scoring points on court. Well, Carmelo Anthony is scoring this season, but that isn’t the impressive fact about his performances. Kobe Bryant agreed with basketball analysts to suggest that Carmelo Anthony has matured a lot as a player this season.
“He's playing like he has always played,” Kobe Bryant continued. “He's just surrounded by pieces that allow him to do what he does best. And finally people are recognizing what a great player he is.
“He's been criticized, but that comes with the job, though. That comes with all scorers. Scorers are very easily criticized. But that's something we all take in stride. You have to. That's part of being a scorer.”
One of the main factors behind Carmelo Anthony’s impressive form is the support of New York Knicks’ latest addition point guard Jason Kidd. The veteran has helped Carmelo Anthony become more mature and provided more scoring opportunities. Raymond Felton is also providing good support to Carmelo Anthony. 
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