Kobe Bryant guarantees that the Lakers will make the playoffs

Kobe says the Lakers will make the playoffs, and will make some noise

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February 20, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) moves the ball against the Boston Celtics during the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY SportsThe Los Angeles Lakers are currently sitting 3.5 games out of a playoff spot, and they look as bad as they've looked in years. But Kobe Bryant is still talking like they're the title contending team that they were supposed to be when the season started, saying that he guarantees a playoff spot and more for the Lakers.

via ESPN:
"It's not a question of if we make the playoffs. We will. And when we get there, I have no fear of anyone -- Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver ... whoever. I have zero nervousness about that. We will make the playoffs. And we will compete. And part of the reason I have that confidence is the Miami game. We had control of the game. That was no fluke. We were playing very, very well. We were reading the defense, making the extra pass. OK, they have two great players who scored eight straight buckets and took control of the game. But we were right there. We can do it."

That's all nice to say, but Kobe's forgetting that the Heat game isn't the only loss that the Lakers have.

Just a few days after the Heat game, they got absolutely waxed by the Clippers, 125-101. That was their 3rd loss of the year to their neighbors, and it looked a lot like the torch was being passed from one Los Angeles team to another.

The Lakers are stacked with star power. Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash... there's no reason they shouldn't be at or near the top of the standings in the Western Conference.

Yet here they are. On the outside of the playoff picture looking in, because there is approximately zero team chemistry and the players simply don't fit into the system that head coach Mike D'antoni is trying to run.

It's possible that the Lakers could sneak into the playoffs when all is said and done. They're not THAT far behind, and they don't need to pass a bunch of other teams to get it.

The real problem is that the Lakers are still a losing team, and have shown no true indication that anything is going to change.

Sorry, Kobe, I just don't see it happening this year. Enjoy your offseason this year, because I don't think the playoffs are in your immediate future.
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