Kobe Bryant jumps off 40-foot high dive

How's this for rehab: Kobe jumps off 40-foot high dive

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Blog Photo - Kobe Bryant jumps off 40-foot high diveTypical recovery time from a ruptured Achilles tendon is considered to be about 11 months - for a normal person. To Kobe Bryant - one of the hardest workers in all of professional athletics - taking that long to return to action seems like a joke. Though many people thought he would return late in the 2013-14 season, with some even suggesting he should sit out the entire year, Kobe claims to have "shattered" the standard recovery timetable for an Achilles tear and is considered questionable for opening night. Kobe's Lakers open against the Clippers on October 29, just six and a half months after Kobe's devastating injury (April 12).

Kobe is apparently so confident in his surgically repaired Achilles that he is willing to pull stunts that some people may be afraid to do when fully healthy. Kobe posted a video to his Vine account of him jumping off a 40-foot high dive into a pool. The caption read: "If I can run. I can jump #justdoit #40+ #vinovine." Here's the video:


While this may seem like a terrible idea that is bound to provide heart palpitations to Lakers fans, I think you kind of have to trust Kobe on this one. Do you really think he would ever do anything to jeopardize his chances of playing in his team's season opener? No chance. I'm sure he received a doctor's approval before doing this, and as much as than anything, he probably did it to let his NBA opponents know he's coming for them. If any setback occurred during this stunt, it probably would have been reported by now.

Kobe remains questionable for the season opener, which only gives more ammo to the conspiracy theorists who don't believe he is human.
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He didnt jump he step off the board like he should.