Kobe Bryant might be a wee bit delusional Lakers star is ready to roll after a strenuous summer

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Blog Photo - Kobe Bryant might be a wee bit delusional  Lakers star is ready to roll after a strenuous summer
Last season Kobe Bryant took a trip to Germany, and upon his return we learnt that Los Angeles Lakers star underwent Regenokine surgery for his right knee. The NBA veteran rambled about how effective the surgery had been and how he should have opted for it earlier. However, Kobe Bryant believes he is no need of surgeries this year.
When Kobe Bryant was asked to give a reason behind his snub for surgery he simply said, “I was a little busy.” So, perhaps this means Kobe Bryant has finally understood that he is no longer the star he used to be. Perhaps he will opt for a more supportive role with the Los Angeles Lakers this year.
Well, I wouldn’t bet on Kobe Bryant changing his game-play. Kobe Bryant will continue to play as a shadow of a legend; even though he scored 81 points in a game and he won the Olympic gold in London this year. I expect Kobe Bryant to be the same old guy, who wishes to be the star on every play and feels satisfied in shooting from distance even though he could pass on some glory.
Kobe Bryant was busy as a bee this summer. The 34-year-old went to London for the 2012 Olympics before his trip to China where he fulfilled sponsor obligations for several weeks. The aging point guard should be tired by now, which is why Kobe Bryant was expected to undergo the Regenokine surgery. Los Angeles Lakers trainer Gary Vitti did inform us about Kobe Bryant’s scheduled trip to Dr. Peter Wehling in Germany.
When Kobe Bryant was asked about this he ridiculed the whole idea by saying, “What, like I'll fly to Germany during the season? ... No, I think I'll be fine.”
Kobe Bryant needs to take some time off. The Los Angeles Lakers legend is entering his 17th season and has clocked around 60,000 career minutes in the regular season and playoffs combined. With the additional workload of the Olympics and sponsorship duties, Kobe Bryant will be prone to injuries this season.
Kobe Bryant believes the extra workout in the summer has actually put him back into shape. Kobe Bryant went through a similar process back in the summer of 2008. After winning the Olympic gold in Beijing, Kobe Bryant rejoined the Los Angeles Lakers and took them to Championship glory against the Orlando Magic.
“I think what that summer did was put me in game shape right from the beginning,” Kobe Bryant said. “That's really what it did. Sometimes it's harder if you have the summer off and you get out of shape and it takes more toll on your body to actually get back into shape, as opposed to never really being out of shape and you just kind of pick right up and you're already at that level. So, it's already a little less strenuous.”
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