Kobe Bryant rejects media's story, calls us all immature

Kobe Bryant has no time for memes, hates you.

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Blog Photo - Kobe Bryant rejects media's story, calls us all immature

Headline a little too blunt for you? Then steer clear of all things Kobe Bryant right now, because he'd probably second the sentiment. Actually, no he wouldn't. He'd ask me why I'm bothering to write a word on this subject, tell me I'm a moron, spit in my direction and leave right in the middle of dinner, a massive check still outstanding.  At this point in his career, he's made it clear that Kobe Bryant's got no time for this s***. He cares about basketball, and that is it, period. 

If you Google "Kobe Bryant death stare" you're introduced to the newest Kobe meme: a GIF showing the Black Mamba's vengeful gaze locked on Lakers' head coach Mike Brown towards the end of a loss to the Jazz. If looks could kill, Kobe would be a mass murderer. 

But no, he's not a mass murderer, he's just a championship calibur basketball player who has rejected the disingenuous, headline-grabbing methods of the media. He won't play their game, simple as that. The more reporters try to get him to respond to 'their' story, the more he lashes out.

Really, it's wildly refreshing. The NBA is a league of characters, and Kobe is the more-than-willing villain. Though the Lakers are off to a surprisingly slow 1-4 start, I don't think anybody will be caught off guard if and when they turn things around. For now, the real entertainment can be found in the postgame interviews, for if somebody asks Kobe one more question he deems beneath him, venom's going to come flying out of your HDTV. 

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