Kobe Could Play Today if it Were the Playoffs

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Blog Photo - Kobe Could Play Today if it Were the Playoffs
Most players lack transparency or are ambiguous at best when it comes to their rehab process and possible return, but Kobe Bryant has not only kept the world informed about his rehabilitation through social media, but he has also indicated that he could possibly play today if he had to.
"I feel pretty damn good, so I'm going to get out and try to move around on the court," Kobe said. "It's a flexibility thing and getting the range of motion back. If today was a playoff or NBA Finals, could I play? Probably."
The Lakers have a string of preseason games in China this week, but Kobe will likely sit out all the preseason games, until the regular season begins. Until then, he will continue to put his full weight on his achilles as he runs up and down the court to get it more flexible.
"Once I get out there [Monday], run around a little bit, then I might have a better idea."
Very few players have returned from an achilles injury, so if Kobe is able to return this early and actually be effective, you can add this achievement to Kobe’s long list of accolades.
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