Kobe Loses Weight To Prepare For The Olympics

Kobe drops some pounds to preserve knees

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Blog Photo - Kobe Loses Weight To Prepare For The OlympicsTeam USA shooting guard and all-time Laker great Kobe Bryant has reportedly lost 16 pounds in preparation for the Olympics this summer.

"With summer basketball leading directly into the season - and I'm expecting to play until next June - I have to take some load off my knees," Kobe said. "I've got to shave some of this weight."

It will be interesting to see how the change in weight affects his play. My guess is that he'll be just as spectacular as usual, but it's interesting to consider the times when weight change has backfired. Knicks' forward Amar'e Stoudemire gained 20 pounds last season in an attempt to become more of a menace in the post, but it resulted in a loss of elevation and struggles with his jump shot.

Kobe's knees have been giving him trouble for years, and he has taken some interesting, but successful, measures to aid them. Kobe brought fame to the German Orthokine procedure, which has become popular amongst other athletes, such as Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Kobe's Laker teammate Andrew Bynum is also said to have scheduled a trip to Germany in September so that he can undergo the procedure as well.

"The doctors came up with this (Orthokine) procedure which can act as a replacement of cartilage," Kobe explained. "For me, the results have been astonishing. I can run. I can train. I can do everything that I wanted to do without limping, my knee getting swollen, or anything of that nature."

Many expect Kobe's knees to bring on the demise of his Hall of Fame career, but Kobe's competitive drive and love for the game won't let him call it quits until he's tried every possible solution to remedy his troublesome knees.
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you have to admire this man's tenacity and drive.  Rare.  Even Michael Jordan admitted Kobe's work ethic echoed his!