Kobe Not Worried

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Despite losing three games in a row and averaging over six turnovers a game, Kobe Bryant is not worried just yet. After get pounced by the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday evening, the Lakers are now 10-12 and have dropped to 13th in the Western Conference. Bryant, however, draws upon last year’s struggles for encouragement and composure.
"I'm not worried about it, to be honest with you," Bryant said. "We've seen worse. We forget kind of what we had to go through last year. I'm not really too concerned about it. I think our heart is in the right place. I think I saw a lot of positive things tonight; we just got to put it together for longer stretches. We'll be fine."
With Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar, and Steve Blake out, Kobe has been forced to play point guard and it has not exactly yielded the greatest results. Even though Kobe is averaging 6.7 assists per game, he’s also averaging 6 turnovers per game.
Bryant, however, believes that he is moving a lot better and just needs time to get back into rhythm. "Once I start playing a little bit more, that number is going to go up," Bryant said. "The points will go up. I'm not too concerned about that. I think the most important thing is our flow and how we play and how we manage the game. My points, I can always put the ball in the hole."
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