Kobe Rejoins Teammates in Practice

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Blog Photo - Kobe Rejoins Teammates in Practice
A few weeks ago, Kobe Bryant said that he would need about 2-3 weeks of practice time before playing in an actual game. Count this Saturday as the first official practice for Kobe Bryant. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, after seven months off the practice court, Kobe has finally rejoined his teammates.
Kobe even went as far as to say, “If there was a playoff game tonight, I'd play. I don't know how effective I'd be, but I would play. The fadeaway still works, the ballhandling, being able to post. Those are things that I can do right now. But it's not the playoffs, thank god."
Kobe is still reluctant to give an exact timetable, but this is great news for Lakers fans. In the mean time, Kobe is going to let his body dictate whether or not he can come back, not his emotional desires.
“It's tough because once I've set that as a target then I'm hell-bent at doing it at all costs, even to the detriment of the damn Achilles," Bryant said. “I try to just stay in the moment and really try to listen to my body. The biggest thing is I have not done anything athletically for six months, seven months. You got to get your body back in shape. And doing that, if I was healthy -- completely healthy -- you have that much time off and get back in shape and your knee is going to ache, your ankle is going to hurt, your back is going to be out. So you got to go through your progressions as you normally would over the course of a summer."
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