Kobe Running on an Anti-Gravity Treadmill

8/19/13 in NBA   |   aaronjchung   |   264 respect

Blog Photo - Kobe Running on an Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Kobe recently posted a video of himself on his Instagram account running on an anti-gravity treadmill for about 15 seconds.  While its doubtful as to whether or not Kobe can run on a regular treadmill because he would be putting his full weight on his achille, his conditioning may not be in bad shape if he’s starting to run on an anti-gravity treadmill already.

With 2.5 months till the opening season, Kobe will have plenty of time to rehab his achilles.  And even if he’s not able to return by opening season, he will definitely be ready at some point in the early season.

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