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Kop's Korner: How the NCAA Could Get Its Groove Back

10/22/13 in NCAA Athletics   |   Alex_Kopilow   |   10 respect

When compared to each other lots of questions arise. 

Did it help OSU when it "cooperated" with the NCAA as opposed to USC which did not? Why were Penn State's penalties reduced, but USC's were not? Do you have to self-impose a two-year bowl ban like Miami (Ohio state self-imposed one-year bowl ban) to not receive a postseason ban?

The Problem

- There are no set parameters, so what's the next step for the NCAA?

My Solution

- Put together a committee with the sole responsibility of creating a new NCAA rule book.

- This group has a year to complete this task.

The Goal

- Create a system that answers the question "If this, than that." This will breed consistency in punishments. 

- From there precedent can be created from cases that will be handled correctly.

- Cases in the past that were mishandled should be reviewed again (and used as precedent) to see how the NCAA would handle it in hindsight.

- Each case in the future will have certain wrinkles that will make handing out punishments an inexact science. Levels of each punishment will have to be mapped out.

The NCAA is in desperate need of credibility. This process won't fix every problem, but it would be a great step in the right direction.

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