Kris Humphries is a Douchebag

5/21/12 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Kris Humphries, of the now Brooklyn Nets, recently did a skit with Funny or Die entitled "Kris Humphries is a Douchebag." If you saw a Nets game this year, then you saw Humphries get booed nearly ever single game in arenas all over America. Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know about his infamous 72 day marriage to Kim Kardashian. Well, because of this, he's become a hated figure nationwide. 

The surprising part is that Humphries is actually a good NBA player. Last year he was given a one year contract with the Nets, and he earned another. He averaged 13.8 points, 11 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 34.9 minutes, his career highest. 

Check out the video, it's pretty hilarious. Check it out here. What are your feelings on Kris Humphries?

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