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'Kung Fu' Star David Carradine Dies.

6/5/09 in Locker Room   |   jonneerotten   |   0 respect

              David Carradine 72, found dead in Bangkok Thailand Hotel room.
He was found naked and hanging from a nylon cord in a closet.
                Carradine had been filming a movie in the city.
A family spokeswoman said it was accidental and he was not suicidal.
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6/14/09   |   jonneerotten

   We all have a story. It just depends which road we walk...
   I my self will miss him. The "Grasshopper" had been with us a long time...when was the first time you'd heard, "Snatch the pebble from my hand"?... Yes R.I.P.

6/14/09   |   Foxxy22   |   5 respect

I dont think that his death was accidental.......but hey i  could b wrong. There is just too many loops in that story. R.I.P u will be missed.