Kupchak Says Again That The Los Angeles Lakers Will Not Trade Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Will Not Be Traded, Says Source

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Jan 29, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) reacts against the New Orleans Hornets during the game at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY SportsMitch Kupchak is sounding like a broken record lately because everyone is dutifully asking him the same question: Will the Lakers trade Dwight Howard?

The answer is still no.

There's so much speculation around this player that it doesn't seem like there is a right way to go about it. He's been passive-aggressive, showing his stats to everyone in the locker room to complain about his touches, and players have been passive-aggressive toward him, like Kobe Bryant's recent comments regarding Dwight's injury.

In case you missed it, Bryant said in one presser that he played through the same injury Dwight has in his labrum, and another time he said that Dwight couldn't play through a back injury, but conspicuously remained mum on the topic of his current injury, thus hinting that he should be playing.

There's also the issue of if Dwight will resign with the Lakers after the season. Chris Broussard of ESPN reported:

“There have been rumblings for the past month that the Lakers are considering moving Howard out of fear that he might leave as a free agent after the season. Despite their concerns, the Lakers have not directly asked Howard whether he plans to stay or go in free agency, according to sources. “

Could a possible sit-down be in their future? Or are the Lakers afraid that it would look like they are pushing him? Obviously they want him to stay, and likely plan to give him a max contract, so anything they said to him wouldn't exactly be news.

Also, with both Dwight and Pau Gasol currently injured, their trade value plummets. Teams want players they can use now, and Dwight's contract would still only be until the end of this year.

Dwight has spoken on the issue, saying:

“Right now, my only focus is to get us into the playoffs and win the championship. Nothing else matters at this point... I understand, you know, what the Lakers want. And I also understand that right now, there's no need for all the circus and all the stuff that happened last year [with Orlando] to start back up. I don't want it, my team doesn't need it, I don't need it, and frankly, our fans don't need it neither."

So, it doesn't seem likely that the center will be traded, but not because Mitch said so, just because it doesn't make much sense for anyone.

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great, more dwight howard drama now. Thanks!