Kurt Rambis says the Lakers arenít fast enough

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Oct.1, 2012, 2012;   El Segundo, CA, USA;    Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) is interviewed by Kurt Rambis during media day at the Los Angeles Lakers Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY SportsKurt Rambis has barely started the job of Assistant Coach with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s not afraid to let his opinion be known.

In an interview with the LA Times, the former Laker said:

"In order to run, you need a push guard. That's Steve Nash. It remains to be seen whether he's coming back from his injuries, and continues to [push] at an elite fast-break pace. You need guys that can really get out and fill the wings because that pushes the defense down. That's not necessarily the way that you would look at this team and describe them.  You might say that with Nick Young, but it's not necessarily Kobe's forte nor was it Metta World Peace's forte last year. It's difficult for them to run at a real fast pace. That doesn't mean you can't push the ball and add some thrust into your offense and play offense before the defense is set. That makes it a lot easier."

Essentially, Rambis reaffirmed that they would be running Mike D’Antoni’s fast-paced system, but then he added that they may not even be fast enough to run that type of offense.

D’Antoni did an interview with ESPNLA710 last week and said:

“Do we want to shoot a lot of 3s? Yeah. That's kind of where the league is going. If you look at it analytically, that's a better shot than some of the traditional one [foot] inside the arc jumper. It just mathematically makes sense that you want to try to get 3s, layups and foul [shots], and we will try to get a system that maximizes our offense [and] at the same time get better defensively.”

However, Rambis is basically saying that the team is not fast enough to keep up at this pace, and he’s right.

Only three guys on this team broke the NBA’s top 100 3pt shooters, and they were Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jodie Meeks. No one else was good enough to get into that group. Now, that’s not terrible, but it is if your coach says that he wants you to take a lot of threes.

Now, back to Rambis’ point about the team being too slow.

Last season was a good showing that sometimes, the Lakers could muster up the energy and beat a young, fast team like Oklahoma City. But not often.

Really, the Lakers’ main hope is for D’Antoni to have a revelation that pushing a square peg into a round hole doesn’t work. You can’t teach speed and youth; players just need to have those things.

The only way the Lakers win is if Rambis, or anyone, can someone talk some sense into the coach, and tell them that this system, as described, needs an overhaul.
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