Kyrie Irving Shines in USA Exhibition Game

Kyrie Irving shines in USA exhibition game

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Blog Photo - Kyrie Irving Shines in USA Exhibition Game
Some of the most young and talented players in the NBA gathered in Las Vegas on Thursday evening to impress Coach Krzyzewski for a spot on the next Olympic Team.  However, none shined brighter than Kyrie Irving.  Irving had 23 points and 7 assists as he led the White Team to a 128-106 victory over the Blue Team.
"I'm not going to do individual assessments of each player. We're watching everybody. I'm not going to be a school teacher and give one guy an A and another guy a B," Krzyzewski said. "Both these two guys [Irving and Davis] are exceptional talents, and as talented as they both [are], they are so easy to coach and they're really good guys. I thought they probably performed the best. ... They'll be a big help to us."
Irving said that he was a bit nervous in the beginning, but his nerves quickly disappeared as the game went on.  "For me personally, I was just trying to make plays for myself and my teammates; that's what it's about,” Irving said.  “Nerves were a factor in the beginning. The Blue team got up 8-0 ... but when we settled in, we did a great job and picked it up on the defensive end first and the offense took care of itself."
The actual Olympic team will likely feature a gluttony of guards such as Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul, but Irving may be the best shooter out of all them, and by the time the Olympics actually roll around; he may be better point guard than all of them.
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