LA City Counsel Approves Farmers Field

LA Counsel Brings The NFL One Step Closer To Coming To LA

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On Friday, the LA City Counsel made a huge step toward bringing a football stadium to Los Angeles. 

The $1.2 billion Farmers Field, which would be built in downtown and seat 72,000 people, has been in the works for years, and AEG finally made it through the final hoop.

The Counsel unanimously approved several different things that were holding the project back, but now they have shown that the project has their full support, according to the LA Times.

So, with the stadium all but built, all AEG has to do is get an NFL team to come to Los Angeles. Since Farmers Field won't be done for a couple years, the team would play at the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl in  the meantime.

There have been several teams that are looking for new homes, and many people think that the San Diego Chargers or Oakland Raiders would be good choices since they are close and have established fan bases in Los Angeles. There are other interested parties like the Jacksonville Jaguars, and potential future AEG owner Patrick Soon-Shiong was seen with the owner of the Carolina Panthers during a game.

It shouldn't be hard to convince  team that it would be fiscally smart to relocate to LA considering how NFL-starved the city is. 

This will be the last, and most crucial hurdle for AEG to jump before Farmers Field will be a reality.
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