LA Clippers Focused on Paul Pierce?

6/24/13 in NBA   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

The overly-covered story of Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers provides much subtext that most have not yet read. 

For one, the Kevin Garnett to LA rumors are simply dead. The NBA won't allow it because it'll be looked at as a direct violation of league rules, because the Clippers already had a deal in place for KG and Doc which the league overruled. 

Second, Paul Pierce could follow Doc to Los Angeles and provide the Clippers with some real one-on-one threat from the wing position alongside Chris Paul. 

Blog Photo - LA Clippers Focused on Paul Pierce?The above is no longer just a rumor, however, as sources have confirmed that Paul will indeed explore relocating to his hometown, just not to join the purple and gold he grew up idolizing. Instead, the red white and blue is calling his name - and jersey sales in Staples Center are waiting on another star.

The Clippers have now inherited a coach who enjoys working with the front office to get the players he needs to allow his team to succeed at the highest level. 

Pierce in LA would be so juicy for so many reasons. He has a history of beef with Lakers fans after he had to be carried off the court in the NBA Finals, only to return as if nothing had happened. He grew up in Inglewood, attending games at the Great Western Forum - he bleeds Celtic green now, though. 

Returning home to play in the same building as the Lakers, only to outshine them would hurt Laker nation more than they know.

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