LA Kings take a deep breath, and press on to the Semi-finals

Down to the final four - Can the Kings win it all?

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Blog Photo - LA Kings take a deep breath, and press on to the Semi-finalsNo one thought we would see any of these teams in the final four.  Never mind that the Rangers and the Coyotes both finished in the top spot in their divisions, it still seemed there were other teams who would take them out.  

Then there's the Kings and the Devils.  Both had to fight hard, just to get into the playoffs (who can forget Becky's frustration as the season wound down?).  Yes, we all have our favorite teams, but somehow it seems that one Kings' fan has been our link to hockey.  C'mon now, you can't tell me that hearing the Kings won or lost a game in these playoffs, you haven't thought "Oh Becky will be stoked!!" or "Uh oh, wonder how Becky is feeling?"

I know I have.  

I know also that I am cheering for the Kings to take it all the way to the Stanley Cup.  Sure, I bet I'm not the only one either.  Hello, fellow bandwaggoners!!!

The question we all have to ask is, can they do it?  Can the Kings actually take this momentum and desire and push it all the way through to the bitter end?
Blog Photo - LA Kings take a deep breath, and press on to the Semi-finals
Tonight we find out if they still have that edge, that desire to win, that passion we have seen so far this post-season.  Yes, they have Jonathan Quick.  Sure, they have Dustin Brown.  But in this next matchup, it could be all about the goalies.  Mike Smith has been just as stellar in goal as Quick.  Both have made saves that have made us say "Whaaaaa? How did that not go in!?!?"

We could look at the regular season match-ups between the two teams (Kings) or their last meeting (Coyotes) or even their history in the playoffs up to this year (Kings - barely, back in 1993), but will that honestly give us any kind of a clue as to how either team will play?  

Not really.  

We could look at how both teams have played in the post-season so far, but will that give us any more of a clue? I don't think so.  

The biggest clue as to how far the Kings will go this season will be tonight's game.  Both teams have had rest, maybe more than they wanted.  The Kings dispatched the St. Louis Blues in 4 games, while the Coyotes took just one more game to weed out the Predators.  

The two teams will be as evenly matched as can be.  The telling point just might be the experience.  The Kings have 8 players who have been to the Stanley Cup finals in the past, while the Coyotes have only two, but Coach Tippett has more Stanley Cup final experience.

I have no idea who will win the Cup.  I don't even have any idea who will win the first game in this series, but I wouldn't be surprised if I were still awake at midnight, watching overtime hockey.
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