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LA Lakersí Ron Artest headed off to BBL team Cheshire Jets

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Rumors around the block are now making pundits wonder if transfer news on Ron Artest is all hot air. Ron Artest has always been vocal about his activities and interests therefore when rumors about him making a move to United Kingdom erupted, everyone around the block thought it was the real deal.


Most analysts expected the deal to be the first major blow to the face of NBA because of its lockout however now it seems like the case working on the contrary. Artest just recently tweeted a picture which showed his name on a jersey of Cheshire Jets jersey alongside dozens of posts stating “Jets are the Best”.


This of course suggests that the Los Angeles Lakers player is on the verge of inking a contract with an English outfit, Cheshire Jets but no reports helping to solidify such a claim have been brought to public which leaves the whole matter quite hazy.


Now, sources have revealed that talks between the two parties are indeed happening however the transfer is not complete yet. It appears Artest’s signatures are still empty from the contract due to some last minute discussion.

Last Tuesday this is what Artest tweeted, “First I have to do my tv show first Then Finland for a week Then right to Uk But when lakers call You already know !!!”


Media reports are suggesting that Artest will be in United Kingdom soon. It has also been concluded that Artest will have a sitting with the BBL officials as well as his new team. Sources have confirmed that Artest will be staying United Kingdom from 18th of August to the 23rd. During this period Artest is expected to speak with the officials of British Basketball League’s Cheshire Jets.

Artest’s publicist, Courtney Barnes has been quite informative during Artest transfer saga. Barnes confirmed that Artest would probably agree to a deal with Jets which would allow him to play with them until the NBA lockout is resolved.

However as an analyst readers should be warned that this is an ever-ecstatic, impulsive and overly hyped up teenager we are talking about. Over the years Artest has been fooling around with a lot of stuff and which later goes down the drain without a single bite,

Making strong decisions has indeed been a problem Artest but with his team of advisors backing him and a family to look for Artest might take up the European challenge and bring his A-game to England.

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