LB Karlos Dansby: Dolphins can still make playoffs

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We’ve all know a few avid sports fans ( or even a few of us were guilty at some stage) for unreasonably as well as steadfastly supporting and projecting our team for a playoffs run, especially when it’s on a losing streak and there’s no ray of hope for a miracle. But then again, hope can be found at the most unexpected of places. As of now, it’s made a believer out of linebacker Karlos Dansby, who thinks the Miami Dolphins can still salvage their 4-6 season so far to make a run at the playoffs.
While Karlos Dansby is known for his loud, impetuous and sometimes overrated claims, there’s a realistic appeal to his opinions. Talk about the elite linebackers in the league and Karlos Dansby will mention Ray Lewis with all due respect for his accomplishments, but Dansby will also drop his name somewhere in the list. It’s all about believing in your capabilities and holding yourself accountable to those high standards, which has allowed Karlos Dansby to lead the Miami Dolphins with 76 tackles down the latter stretch of the 2012-13 seasons.
Expectation may not be at an all-time high with Karlos Dansby having his torn left arm biceps muscles (as a outcome of “friendly fire” during 28th October’s 30-9 win over the New York Jets), but he isn’t all bark and no bite either. Karlos Dansby knows a thing or two about teamwork and sacrifice after playing with an injured arm.
"It limits me sometimes, but it is what it is," Karlos Dansby said of his injured arm. "I want to win. We have the opportunity to get into the playoffs. Why not play with it?"
Even with occasional overwhelming pain in the arm, Karlos Dansby just couldn’t bear the thought of hanging up his jersey for the second half of the season until he hadn’t given a try at establishing a “mind over body” regime.
"The body is an amazing machine once you've got it right… I put a lot of time into my body after hours, massage, stretching, chiropractic work,” said Karlos Dansby. “(And) hands on healing with my ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) machine, which is cutting edge stuff.”
Doubt his abilities or the Miami Dolphins’ hopes of making a turnaround so far in the season and  Karlos Dansby will remind you without missing a beat that he’s done it before, leading the slow starting Arizona  Cardinals into the 2008 playoffs final. Now, Karlos Dansby has similar expectations with himself and the Miami Dolphins.
Karlos Dansby has racked up an additional 22 tackles and broken up a during each of his last three games while playing with the injured arm in the past three weeks. That’s an astounding production for a linebacker who’s playing with a padded brace on his injured arm.
The eight-year veteran‘s style of play (and position) doesn’t call for an aggressive standoff with opposing offensive lines. Instead Karlos Dansby relies on staying a step ahead of rival tailbacks.
Miami Dolphins’ game against the Seattle Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch on Sunday will be an additional challenge for Karlos Dansby. Marshawn Lynch, who has rushed for 1,005 yards and five touchdowns in the season, is known for bracing and running through defenders like a stack of cards rather than avoiding them.
"My pain tolerance is very high. My mental toughness is impeccable and I'm a competitor," said Karlos Dansby.
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