LSU Football: Tyrann Mathieu to Enter Drug Rehab

Tyrann Mathieu Enters Drug Rehab, Will Not Play Football in 2012

8/17/12 in NCAAF   |   Tyler_Waddell   |   426 respect

Just one week ago, LSU's All-American and Heisman finalist, Tyrann Mathieu, was dismissed from the football program for violation of team rules: he had failed a drug test for the third time.Blog Photo - LSU Football: Tyrann Mathieu to Enter Drug Rehab

Rumor had it that Mathieu was to transfer to in-state school McNeese State, a member of the FCS Division-II league. Those were shot down when speculations swirled that he'd sit out the season andreturn to the program as a senior next year.

Neither came to be true, as Mathieu has decided to enter a drug rehab center in Houston, Texas—the same place former NBA star John Lucas attended—to focus on his well-being.

This is huge for the collegiate superstar's athletic future, which was already in shambles after receiving the boot from coach Les Miles. Mathieu is expected to forgo returning to class and the football field until his recovery is complete, which will likely last for a full year.

"My advice to him is to take care of himself, learn from this and prove to all involved that he understands his mistakes and that he plans to learn and grow from this," said Baton Rouge-based NFL personnel scout Chris Landry, who has never seen Mathieu as a first-round selection. "I would suggest finding a school that he is comfortable attending and playing this year. Of course, if he feels that he needs time to work on his problems away from football, that's certainly up to him and his family."

In terms of his draft stock, staying away from school and the field for a season will certainly hurt his chances of being a high-round pick. Last week in a reaction article, I said that Mathieu needed to go to a smaller school, lay low, and flourish in all aspects.

He may be making a great decision to skip out on football for awhile and improve his life—I'm not sure of the severity of his marijuana addiction. But with the way things are unraveling, Mathieu is costing himself millions of dollars for the near future.

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8/22/12   |   ladyhuckleberry   |   43 respect

Bless his heart at least hes admitted to his mistakes and that he needed help AND he DIDN'T go out kickin and screamin he was too good for rehab. Tyrann's a good kid, no matter how hard you try to find fault with him. I wouldn' wish on anybody for the way he grew up before his grandmother then later his uncle and aunt took him in. Then when he got to LSU he found more carin people in the Coaches, players, and the fans alike. Granted hes made some mistakes along the way but like I said at least he sees where he has. Once he gets over this hurdle it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't come back and made his mark of the game he so loves. With the God given talent hes got he won't let it go to waste. If you can find it in your heart say a prayer for him and when he returns to the game continue to say a prayer for him but include those that play against him as well because they're the ones who'll be wonderin where did that hoss come from. Tyrann, my bud, hang in there and know thoughts and prayers are with you Dude.

8/22/12   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

beerstudk wrote:
There's another word for Marijuana addiction, it's called Laziness.  Seriously Honey Badger, get your head out of your a$$ and get your sh!t together.

I've got a better word for it...STUPID...It's stupid to smoke it and it kills brain cells so eventually you'll just be stupid on top of stupid

8/20/12   |   beerstudk   |   1538 respect

There's another word for Marijuana addiction, it's called Laziness.  Seriously Honey Badger, get your head out of your a$$ and get your sh!t together.