LSU Football: Tyrann Mathieu's Draft Stock Plummeting

Tyrann 'Honey Badger' Mathieu's Draft Stock Plummeting

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Tyrann Mathieu's size and inability to play man coverage were already two huge factors preventing him from being a premiere draft selection in 2013.Blog Photo - LSU Football: Tyrann Mathieu's Draft Stock Plummeting

Now that LSU coach Les Miles has kicked him off the team for violation of team rules, Mathieu's draft stock has plummeted even more.

The 5-foot-9, 175-pound junior was a projected late second- to third-round pick next April. With his name headlining ESPN for all the wrong reasons, Mathieu now stands as a probable fourth- or fifth-round choice.

He "just cost himself millions," said a scout, according to Will Brinson.

LSU kicker Josh Jasper tweeted earlier that Mathieu, a Louisiana native, will transfer to in-state FCS school McNeese State. The Cowboys are currently ranked 27th among Division 1-AA programs for the 2012 season.

If Mathieu was smart—which is debatable at this point—he'd lay low and finish his four-year collegiate career at McNeese State, earn his Bachelor's degree and declare for the 2014 NFL draft.

By then, assuming he has two very good seasons at a lower level quality of play, Mathieu could slowly mend his draft stock little by little.

Just look at Janoris Jenkins—kicked off the Florida Gators football team his senior year, had a great season with North Alabama and was taken in the second round after many believed he'd drop off.

Matheiu has the talent to be a impact player as a professional athlete. He has outstanding athleticism: great speed, impressive quickness and burst, effective change of direction and powerful closing abilities.

Good decisions and adept performance will allow him to crawl back into the high-end mock drafts.

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8/14/12   |   TigerSooner   |   125 respect

I realize everybody's probly tired of hearin it but don't be so hard to judge Tyrann. Yes, he did wrong but my God to be in the hell that he was brought up in growing up he's lucky to be alive. I firmly believe he'll get his act together and pull it all together and come back strong. He has a lot of good people supporting him and helping him along the way and they're not going to let him down. If any of you are Chriistian, pray for him. Prayer doesn't hurt and it does miracles. Your prayers will help Tyrann see that he doesn't need to go back to the life he had growing up. 2 final words: GEAUX TIGERS