Lakersí Kobe Bryant officially joins Twitter

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Pope Benedict XVI’s got some competition on Twitter. One of the sports world’s most celebrated star Kobe Bryant joined the social networking site Thursday night.
The Los Angeles Lakers point guard Kobe Bryant sent out his first tweet on Friday morning.
“The antisocial has become social #mambatweets,” wrote Kobe Bryant.
The hashtag references to Kobe Bryant’s nickname “Black Mamba,” his avatar features a Twitter bird with a snake’s tongue. Kobe Bryant’s post racked up a lot of favorites and was retweeted several times. The NBA’s leading scorer is quite popular on Twitter as he gained close to 300,000 followers within a few hours.
Kobe Bryant has a lot of ground to cover to catch up with his fellow NBA stars who’ve amassed millions of followers on Twitter. Miami Heat forward LeBron James leads with over 6.8 million Twitter followers. Still it’s a start for Kobe Bryant, who’s has 15 million likes on his Facebook page and regularly updates posts.
The 30-year-old Kobe Bryant got acquainted with Twitter last week when he managed Nike basketball’s account to promote the latest edition of his signature shoe. Amongst updates of the Los Angeles Lakers’ progress as well as behind-the-scenes photos of training and treatment, Kobe Bryant also posted personal content such as a family Christmas photo and that of a suit he planned to wear at a particular game.
Kobe Bryant enjoyed the experience of “no filters” interaction with fans so much that he considered getting his own Twitter account.
However, this isn’t the first time Kobe Bryant has ventured down the Twittersphere. In September 2011, Kobe Bryant made a Twitter account, garnering over 36,000 followers, only to shut it down hours later.
But here’s to hoping this time Kobe Bryant’s Twitter account lasts. 2013 certainly promises to be more fun with Kobe Bryant’s no-bars comments considering the Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing season (15-16). Kobe Brynat has previously called out his teammates to step up and show more accountability. Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol for one, has to be dreading Kobe Bryant’s presence on Twitter.
The 14-time All-Star Kobe Brynat also talked about getting an Instagram as well. Kobe Bryant’s certainly taking this sociality thing seriously. Look out for a new social media king!
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