Lakers enigma Metta World Peace looking for an away move

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Blog Photo - Lakers enigma Metta World Peace looking for an away move The Los Angeles Lakers know they are paying a couple of extra bucks for the services of their notorious small forward Metta World Peace. As a matter of fact, Los Angeles Lakers dissatisfaction over Metta World Peace’s expensive contract is no secret.
Metta World Peace has performed well for the Los Angeles Lakers, but his job could have been performed by a player who gives considerably weaker hit to Lakers’ salary cap. The Los Angeles Lakers are well aware of the hefty price they pay for Metta World Peace’s services and they constantly ponder over whether they should continue to do so.
Speculation about Metta World Peace falling down to the amnesty clause has been around the block for a while now. As a matter of fact, rumors are brewing once again. According to recent media reports Los Angeles Lakers are planning to trade away Metta World Peace in order to lighten up the hits their salary cap is taking.
Reportedly, the Los Angeles Lakers have renewed their interest in the Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard. Although, most of the transfer talks happening at Los Angeles involve center Andrew Bynum, the Lakers are actually thinking of adding Dwight Howard to their ranks.
Well, in order to make big trades you have got involve big numbers or big players; which is a philosophy shared by Metta World Peace. Interestingly, Metta World Peace’s twitter post on Friday hinted that something was “big” was cooking in Los Angeles Lakers’ camp?
 “Only way to make big trades : You gotta trade big time players. No way around it…. I’m so dope. Recognize,” Metta World Peace wrote.
So, is Metta World Peace asking for a move away or is he on the verge of being traded away? Perhaps he is just being the enigmatic poltergeist we have all come to love and hate.
Anyway, the most likely conclusion we all can draw is that Metta World Peace will be traded off sooner or later. If you ask me, I’d say that it’s probably best to trade away the 32-year-old small forward and invest in a younger model.
Metta World Peace is fresh from a good season. Following his disappointing performances, Metta World Peace came out strong last season. A number of teams would love the opportunity of adding a veteran like him in their squad. Metta World Peace might be at his prime but a player like him adds strength and stability to any underdog team.
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