Lamar Odom Addicted to Cocaine

Lamar Odom has disappeared

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Blog Photo - Lamar Odom Addicted to Cocaine

According to TMZ, Lamar Odom has been missing for the past 72 hours.  One of his friends says that he is doing okay, but most of his friends and family have no idea of his whereabouts.
Additionally, reports of Odom’s addiction to cocaine continue to surface, and if it is indeed true, Odom has no chance of playing in the NBA this season.  This may also be the reason why the Los Angeles Clippers are now trying to sign Antawn Jamison instead of Lamar Odom, when Odom was always their first choice.

Odom was at the peak of his career just a couple years ago, but the versatile big man, is now facing a divorce from the NBA and pretty soon his wife.
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