Lance Armstrong On Sex Life And Dating "I've Never Gotten Any Complaints." [Blog Patrol]

Lance Armstrong Is A Lady Killer...According To Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong says the ladies have no complaints about him. Really? I can think of at least one complaint. [Deadspin]

The NFL is teaming up with video games to give us interactive analysis, or something. [Gawker]

Coincidentally, the most dangerous cities in America also have the worst football teams. [Sportaphile]

You can buy a Shea Stadium seat for the low, low price of $869. I'll take zero. [AP]

In defense of Barry Bonds. [New York Times]

ESPN apparently likes claiming that they broke stories that they didn't break at all. I'm SHOCKED! I mean, they broke the Favre story didn't they? Oh wait, no they didn't do that either. [Fanhouse]

Mr. Met is now fighting online sexual predators. Why? For the kids man, for the kids. [Daily News]
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