Lance Armstrong To Come Out Retirement, Race In 2009 Tour de France

Cycling Will Be Relevant In America Again, At Least For One Year

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VeloNews reports that 37-year-old Lance Armstrong plans to return next year to competitive road races and will compete in the 2009 Tour de France. Wow, that is one big cojón.

Well, things have changed a bit. Apparently the team that people surmised Lance would go to has not in fact heard from him. But there's been no word from Lance either that he doesn't plan on returning. So it seems likely he still might.

Either way, this news comes a day after Brett Favre made his 354th consecutive start in the NFL, un-retiring and joining the New York Jets. You think this played a role at all? I suspect it has. But most of all, it sounds like Armstrong still wants to clear his name and give some life back to a dying sport.

According to sources, the Texan will post all of his internally tested blood work online, in an attempt to establish complete transparency and prove that he is a clean athlete.

Armstrong will obviously get a great deal of attention at the Tour de France next summer, but it sounds like he'll also trying to save the sport of cycling here in the US. A one time popular race during Armstrong's prime, the Tour de Georgia, is currently without a sponsor. That will change if his return includes that race as is planned.

I, for one, look forward to the added attention Lance will bring the Tour de France, but I don't think his performance can overshadow the likelihood of several more riders getting ousted by doping charges.

Sources: Lance Armstrong coming back [VeloNews]
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11/5/09   |   dayjulie   |   20 respect

Because of Lance's accomplishments in cycling, the U.S. will forever be remembered with the greats in the sport.

9/9/08   |   MISterISU   |   2 respect

as a big fan of Lance I can't say I'm fully onboard with this possibility.  Up to this point he has not heeded any of my suggestions and will probably make this decision on his own too.  I know the High road team and another have been doing above-and-beyond bloodwork and George Hincapie is one such rider from Lance's past on that team.  I know Lance would have his same manager and a custom-built team would make Lance almost unstoppable.  I just get the feeling he should stay retired and work for his foundation and other causes, he should have nothing to prove to the public in regard to cycling.

9/9/08   |   ChicaQueso

He is unretiring officially ....

Dang I guess Brett Favre is the only one who can change his mind about retiring and get reamed for it.

9/8/08   |   annstevehenning

Wow, it is pretty cynical to say that a few cheating, knucklehead dopesters would be a bigger story than Lance Armstrong cleanly winning an unprecedented 8th Tour. If you believe a few dopesters are a bigger story than the achievements of the overwhelming number of clean riders, who dare to subject themselves to the ENORMOUS rigors of Le Tour, you should get into some other line of work. With your obsession with the negative instead of incredible achievement (the lowliest domestique has achieved more than you ever will), you should cover politics - there is plenty of reason to be cynical in that field. I would bet that you DOPE on coffee to make your deadlines, even though you only have to bang on a keyboard a few hours a day. If we tested journalists for nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine, we could clean up the media - now that would be a worthwhile endeavor!