Lance Armstrong Unretires, Has Much In Common With Roger Clemens [Blog Patrol]

He'll Probably Get Busted For Doping Too

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Why Lance Armstrong and Roger Clemens are basically the same guy. [The Big Lead]

Maria Sharapova went to New York's Fashion Week with a gnome. And by gnome, I mean Nastia Liukin. [With Leather]

It may be time for Smoltz, Maddux and Glavine to call it quits. Yet none of them seem to want to. [Rumors and Rants]

There can't be any possible way that the Astros could actually grab the NL wild card this year, is there? [I'm Writing Sports]

Arresting hippie protestors is one thing. Arresting an MMA fighter who's protesting something, that's slightly tougher. [Watch Kalib Run]

Geoff Geroge hasn't played football since 2001. But writer Jason Whitlock still thinks the Patriots should sign him. Why? Because Whitlock's completely nuts. [Arrowhead Addict]

TO provides more fuel for the Philly/Dallas game. [Cowboys Blog]
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9/12/08   |   HATTRICK25

Good articles,  I hope those pitchers do retire with dignity. It will be a real shame to see them play badly and thats all people will recall is their latter years.

9/12/08   |   irfan_gi92

hi i am irfan