Lance Armstrong's Olympic bronze medal from 2000 stripped by the IOC thanks to admission to Oprah Winfrey

The IOC is the next to react to Lance Armstrong, stripping away his bronze medal from 2000

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Blog Photo - Lance Armstrong's Olympic bronze medal from 2000 stripped by the IOC thanks to admission to Oprah WinfreyLess than 24 hours before Lance Armstrong's admission was scheduled to air on Oprah Winfrey's TV show, the International Olympic Committee has decided to strip him of the bronze medal that he won in the 2000 Sydney games.

The decision was made after the deadline passed for Armstrong to appeal the previous decision to strip him of his 7 Tour de France victories.

On Wednesday, the IOC sent a letter to Armstrong demanding that he return the medal.

Armstrong's pre-recorded interview with Oprah, in which he apparently admits to years of systematic blood doping, airs today and tomorrow.

Armstrong has denied doping allegations for years, and viciously attacked anyone who dared accuse him.

The cheating and the lying seem to be innate to the cycling community. In the 7 years that Armstrong won the Tour de France, 49 of the other riders who finished in the top 10 (with some repeats, of course) were eventually discovered to have been cheating at one point or another.

And of course, they were all lying about it until they got caught, much like Armstrong.

The thing that bothers most people about Armstrong is the level of malice he showed towards anyone who made any attempt to uncover the truth. He even went so far as to sue a UK newspaper for defamation, and won the lawsuit. He may be forced to return the money, now that the statements were proven to be true.

Armstrong's actions were inexcusable from the start. However, people may have been willing to overlook them, since he's far from the only one to be mired in cycling's doping scandal.

However, his self-righteous attitude might be the thing that turns everyone off. We'll see how the Oprah interview goes.
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