Larry Sanders Involved in Altercation at Nightclub

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Blog Photo - Larry Sanders Involved in Altercation at Nightclub
Larry Sanders problems on the court may pale in comparison to his problems off the court. The Milwaukee Bucks center is under investigation for an altercation at a nightclub Saturday evening. The details of the investigation have not been made public yet, but it is serious enough that Sanders was not available to play on Wednesday.
"I have not seen him yet [tonight]," Coach Larry Drew said. "I don't know much more. You probably know more than I do. I do know that it is being investigated and that's the word I've got."  The Bucks have officially announced that the “matter is under investigation and Larry Sanders is cooperating fully,” however, they have not said much more than that. There are some reports that Sanders broke a champagne bottle over someone's head in the VIP room of the nightclub and punched him in the face. This report is further backed up by the fact that the victim had to get several stitches at a hospital shortly after the altercation.
Sanders was having a terrible start to the season prior to this incident, but hopefully this incident will help Sanders regain his focus for the rest of the NBA season.
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