Larry Sanders gives the refs thumbs up after being ejected

Larry Sanders was ejected in the most enthusiastic way possible

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Blog Photo - Larry Sanders gives the refs thumbs up after being ejectedLarry Sanders probably feels the same way as I do about NBA referees.

They're awful.

More often than not, they inject themselves into the game way too much and make a huge impact on the game. I understand that the game of basketball moves incredibly fast and it's not the easiest job in the world, but the ego on some of these guys is absolutely unreal.

Sanders was called for an offensive foul during last night's Bucks loss to the Wizards, and responded by giving all three referees the thumbs up sign.

They answered by politely asking him to leave the game.

I'm guessing he thinks even less of the referees at this point.

Thanks to TBJ for the video
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