Last Minute Fantasy Tips for Week 11

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As I’ve mentioned here before, my fantasy league is a bit different than the usual variety in that it’s pretty much all about scoring plays and there are no “points” involved. As Randy Moss would say, it’s straight cash, homey. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be like everyone else and dish out some awful FF advice based on the fact that I’ve been doing this crap for over a quarter century now. So here goes…
Playing Ketchup. I have Matthew Stafford on my team and I probably should be playing him every week (I haven’t) but this weekend I really don’t like his chances for a big game at Pittsburgh. Even though the Steelers D isn’t near what it once was, there’s something about Heinz Field that just seems opposed to offensive explosions. If the Steelers grab an early lead, things could get ugly (Ben Roethlisberger ugly) for Stafford and the Lions in a hurry.
Giving Jacksonville Fitz. If ever there were going to be a breakout week for Larry Fitzgerald, this is it. The Cardinals are an abomination on the road, but do not be dissuaded from starting their top receiver, even though he’s been playing with a bunch of bottom-feeding quarterbacks. Somehow Carson Palmer gets it done in the North Florida wasteland this weekend. Fitzgerald grabs a couple of tds.
Texas Hold ’Em and Ramage Control. Don’t start any Cowboys or Rams this week, they’re off. Y’see? Finally some decent advice. This doesn’t mean that Tony Romo won’t be off brain farting somewhere, just not on a professional football field. Also, it’s highly likely that Dez Bryant will be pitching a fit about his Denny’s Grandslam breakfast or some such thing. We kid. Dez has every right to be upset. Does Jason Garrett even know he exists?
J-E-T-S! Zzz! Zzz! Zzz! For the love of God, don’t start anyone in the Jets/Bills game! Vegas has the over/under set at 41 and even that sounds incredibly ambitious. This one promises to be a Jets throwback yawner. Like back in the day when us New Yorkers were forced to watch a Jets/Colts game that usually had the final score of 10-6. It’s amazing I still love football after that.
RG III. I’m not sure what happened to Washington last Thursday night against my Vikings, but in the first half they were moving up and down the field at will. I think Robert Griffin III puts it all together this week and has a huge game against Philadelphia.
Full Nelson. I still have no earthly idea who’s playing quarterback for Green Bay these days but I’m thinking whoever it is manages to find Jordy Nelson for some big gainers against a New York Giants secondary that has been suspect all season long.
Running on Empty. Is it just me or has the NFL as a whole abandoned the run game altogether? I can’t really blame teams for not running in a league that doesn’t allow defenses to touch quarterbacks and receivers without a permission slip from their parents, and even then only if they ask politely and promise not to be too hurty. So where is one to go for a running back worth starting week to week? Hell if I know, but let’s take a shot with Frank Gore in the dome against the Saints.
So there you have it, some nice useless advice to steer you wrong on Sunday. Or you could do the smart thing and go with your own gut.
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