Lauren Silberman fails in first NFL tryout for a woman

Perhaps there will be a female kicker someday, but it won't be Lauren Silberman

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Blog Photo - Lauren Silberman fails in first NFL tryout for a womanLauren Silberman tried out at an NFL regional combine, making history in the process as the first female to ever do so.

Unfortunately, she fell far short of any and all goals and expectations that she or anyone else may have had.

After going on the NFL Network and claiming that she was able to kick 60 yard field goals, Silberman ended up looking a bit like a fraud, when she dropped out after only 2 practice kickoffs that traveled far less than 60 yards COMBINED.

Silberman injured her quad in her first kick, which traveled all of 19 yards.

Her second kick, which she went through with despite the injury, went only 13 yards.

It's safe to say that other than drumming up a bit of attention, this was pretty much a failure.

That having been said, that doesn't necessarily mean the end of female players (particularly kickers) getting tryouts at regional combines.

It's certainly possible that a female could go out there and be competitive and put on a good show. This just wasn't the time or the place, apparently.

If you want to see the video of Silberman's kicks, check them out here. Be warned, however... it's not impressive.
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lol.. she was not even a kicker... the NFL needs to do a better job screening..