LeBron Foul On Granger. Indiana Wins Thriller While Golden St. Outscores New York [NBA Triple Threat]

Danny Granger One Ups LeBron [NBA Triple Threat]

2/11/09 in NBA   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

NBA Triple Threat: The Triple Threat brings you all of the night's action in the Association.

Indiana 96 Cleveland 95 Anyone who says that the biggest stars in the NBA get all the calls need look no further than Tuesday night's tilt between Indiana and Cleveland. With the Cavs down by two points and only .8 seconds left on the clock, the Cavs had the ball out on the side and threw an alley oop to LeBron who was fouled in mid air by Danny Granger. LeBron went to the line and hit two free throws, all but assuring overtime. After an Indiana timeout, the Pacers ran the exact same play and the same result happened. LeBron James was called for a foul on Danny Granger with .2 seconds left which can you can see in the picture to the right. Granger stepped to the line and made one of two free throws to seal the win for the Pacers. LeBron James exploded for 47 points but when the rest of your team only scores 48 total points you could be in for a long night. Newly minted All-Star Mo Williams added 15 points but shot only 7-18 from the field. Other than the game winning free throw, Danny Granger didn't have that great of a game scoring only 16 points on 5-18 shooting. After seeing both plays in real time, I certainly thought that Granger fouled LeBron since the play was at the basket, but I really don't think LeBron fouled Granger. Granger's lob pass was well short of the basket but the refs saw it differently. With the win though, the Pacers became the first team to score a win over Cleveland, Los Angeles, Boston, and Orlando this season.

Golden St. 144 New York 127 When I saw this game on the schedule I knew we would be in for a scoring bonanza. Neither team is known for defense and if you are a fan of lots of shots and up and down basketball, this was the game for you. Stack Jack scored a season high 35, Kelenna Azubuike added 22, while Jamal Crawford added 21. Add to those three Mota Ellis (17 points), Corey Magette (16 points), Anthony Randolph (12 points), C.J. Watson (11 points), Ronny Turiaf (10 points) and that makes every Warrior player that played scored in double figures.The 144 points is the most this season in the NBA and the most points in a regulation game since Chicago scored 151 on April 14, 2008. The Knicks were led by 30 points off the bench from Nate Robinson, 27 points from David Lee, and 24 from former Warrior Al Harrington. The two teams combined to shoot 101-184, 23-49 from the three point line, 81 rebounds, 53 assists, and only 25 turnovers. For a game with that many possessions and there be only 25 turnovers, that is impressive. Sadly neither team will win much of anything this year but this sure was entertaining to watch.

There were some other games last night like the Lakers over the Thunder, the Bulls over the Pistons, and the Spurs over the Nets but none of those games were that good so no third game tonight.

Best Lines Video's of the Night
I've got a couple videos for you tonight. First up is a sick block by LeBron on TJ Ford

Next up is the full highlights of last nights Cleveland vs. Indiana game including the final two alley oops that were called fouls.

Now it is your turn, share your thoughts about tonight's games or preview the remaining games before the All-Star break.
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2/11/09   |   jdlund

If what Granger did to Lebron was a foul then what Lebron did to Granger was a foul.  It was absolutely identical.  The pass to Lebron was slightly better but that shouldn't matter.  Either could have gotten the pass and the contact was the exact same.  So either way the Pacers win because the correct answer is either both are fouls or neither are fouls.

2/11/09   |   Keeter   |   92 respect

JBJ bumped Granger a bit with the body, but I agree that a no-call was probably warranted there.      Then again, I think a no-call on Granger with 0.8 left should have been made; I did not see a glaring foul there either !

Indiana's a strange team - they've beat the best in the league, yet their record shows that they're still struggling

2/11/09   |   derms33   |   17649 respect

Its obvious.  Ref Joey Crawford had money on Indiana on the money line.

2/11/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

Well Granger did not foul LBJ either. So turn it back to pre LBJ's foul shots and the Pacers STILL win. Neither were calls you see at the end of the game, but at the end of the day and whether it was the correct set of calls or not, the right team won.

The Pacers were overachievers and outplayed the Cavs from start to finish. Another observation is that LBJ had fourty some points and the Cavs still lost. A great game for the fans but it did nothing to shore up votes as the MVP, particularly after the loss at home, where he had his second awful game against the LAKERS.

Congrats to Mo Wms, on finally being named as an All Star......

I agree! Mo Williams is an All-Star, and dadburnit, he deserves it!

2/11/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

 I didn't get to see that game - dang it. Did Granger look healthy? He seems to be a beast. I think that was a more exciting one on one matchup b/n those two than LeBron/Kobe

2/11/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

LeBron did not -I repeat- did NOT foul Granger. It should've been a non call. the game should've gone into OT. I can't blame Mike Brown for being upset. Congratulatons Refs, you dadburncottonpickin' blew that call!