LeBron James Has Ideas for New Commissioner

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Blog Photo - LeBron James Has Ideas for New Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner, Adam Silver, will officially become the new commissioner this coming Saturday in replace of David Stern. Stern has mantled the ship for 30 years and has expanded the NBA from a domestic sport into an international one. Stern is widely considered one of the best commissioners of any sport.
But with the transition in place, it is also presents an opportunity to bring about new change as well. For MVP LeBron James, he has creative ideas to make the game even bigger than what it is today, but to do that, he needs to meet with Silver.
"Hopefully I can sit down with the commish and just throw out some ideas where I hope the league can be better," LeBron said. "It's not a major change, but the game can always be bigger. There's a lot of people who love the game who can't watch the game, so hopefully we can [expand it]."
James is exactly the type of player every commissioner would dream to have. James isn’t only about himself, but he is about the game as well. One quarter of the NBA is already international and the NBA has even played regular season games in London. However, there is always room for more growth and expansion, and Silver would be wise to have a sit down with his largest brand – LeBron James.
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