LeBron James does an Obamacare ad

Oh, this won't be controversial: LeBron does an Obamacare ad

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Blog Photo - LeBron James does an Obamacare adWith only 17 days left to enroll for the Affordable Care Act coverage better known as "Obamacare", insurers are on a full-court press to get as many people registered as possible. The NBA's greatest power forward is helping power Obamacare forward through registration efforts. LeBron James has just released a commercial encouraging viewers to enroll in the Affordable Care Act.

I am already popping popcorn for the inevitable Bill O'Reilly "O'Reilly Factor" segment complaining about this, and then then the inevitable Jon Stewart "Daily Show" segment complaining about Bill O'Reilly complaining.

The LeBron James Obamacare commercial can be seen below. It's not LeBron's best commercial by any stretch, and could probably use a little more "Stop lookin' at my lemonade!"

The ad premiered on YouTube earlier today, and will air during March Madness on TNT. The ad will appear during NBA games on ABC, ESPN and NBA TV during NBA games, and on local sports telecasts in markets with large numbers of uninsured people.

Blog Photo - LeBron James does an Obamacare adThe ad just came out, and the conservative response machine is just getting warmed up. "It’s questionable as to whether James is signing up himself, since the NBA’s player’s association says that players enjoy “expansive benefits,” writes Sarah Hoffman at the conservative Daily Caller. Aaaand the reader comments on that article get maybe just a little bit racist.

It's not the first time that LeBron has stumped for Barack Obama, James hosted an Obama rally in 2008 when he still played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the Affordable Car Act scrambling to meet its registration goals, it's no surprise that the President would once again look to LeBron for an assist.

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