LeBron James finds Pacers’ trash talk “amusing”

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Winning seven of their past nine games, the Indiana Pacers have been feeling a little cocky ahead of Tuesday’s game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse against the Miami Heat.
During the offseason, the Indiana Pacers had still been dwelling over the home game loss that sealed last season’s Eastern Conference Semifinals for the Miami Heat. Now, the sprightly Indiana Pacers are looking to settle the score on Tuesday and have been pretty loudly calling out the sleeping beast.  Miami Heat’s LeBron James has heard the Indiana Pacers’ taunts and complaints. Facing their first regular season matchup on Tuesday, LeBron James warned the Indiana Pacers about history repeating itself.
 "They took a 2-1 lead (last postseason) and were really excited about what was going on and they were talking a lot," recalled LeBron James. "They felt like they were the better team, we took control of the series."
The Miami Heat tied the series, won the next two, claiming the NBA championship title while LeBron James earned the NBA playoff Finals MVP honors. LeBron James had a pretty busy summer bringing home the London Olympic gold with the USA basketball Team.
The Miami Heat forward LeBron James said that a few of the Indiana Pacers’ whinny comments had popped up and required a practical answer now.
"But they've been talking a lot," stated LeBron James. "I read a lot of clips they had before the season, said they were better than us and they should have beat us, so we'll be ready."
However, LeBron James doesn’t plan to stoop to the Indiana Pacers’ level, although some of their trash talk has been “amusing.” Starting with the tip off of Tuesday’s game, LeBron James hopes to let his game set the tone.
"I'm not one to talk much, honestly. I just do it on the court. I let my game do the talking,” said LeBron James. “But it is amusing sometimes, you see guys, you see teams talking and they didn't beat you."
“I don’t put too much pressure on one team we play,” continued LeBron James. “I don’t put the onus of my season on one game.”
The 28-year-old LeBron James added that although he may not be one to initiate trouble on court, he will respond to someone trash talking to him.
"I've always kind of been after the fact," said LeBron James. "If I hear someone talking, then I will have a conversation with them, or say my peace out on the floor, but I will never start it up.”
Despite the hostility ahead of Tuesday’s game LeBron James didn’t hesitate to point out some good where he saw it. LeBron James praised Indiana Pacers wingman Paul George for his “speed, athleticism… ability to shoot the ball,” size and overall improvement in his game this season. The Indiana Pacers third-year pro Paul George and LeBron James worked out for a while together in the offseason.
"He's continued to grow. And with growth also comes confidence,” said LeBron James. “I think the good thing – which is a bad for them – but it's a good for him, is they haven't had Danny Granger.”
“So it's allowed him to grow and kind of fill in that role, the No. 1, or whatever the case may be, a role when he's had more opportunities to showcase what he can do."
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