LeBron James free agency is a circus

LeBron's free agency is getting pretty ridiculous

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Blog Photo - LeBron James free agency is a circusJust when you thought the LeBron James free agency hype 4 years ago was bad, this year might be even worse.

The latest ridiculous piece of information to come out was an analysis of LeBron's website, LeBronJames.com.

According to Grantland contributor Matt Borcas, a web developer friend of his analyzed LeBron's site using Firebug, a program that looks at the coding behind websites.

Apparently, there are hidden pages on the website that were recently built, which are set up in the color patterns of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Does that mean LeBron's going to the Cavaliers?

Well, in a word... no.

This means absolutely nothing.

It could be a hoax, for all we know. So far, I haven't seen anyone duplicate this and confirm the analysis.

It could also be a page about LeBron's history, part of which was with the Cavaliers.

It could be one of several pages. Perhaps there are more, and others are in Rockets, Heat, Bulls, Lakers and other team colors, and they're just preparing for whatever might happen.

For all we know, LeBron's website manager may have done this completely of his own volition.

Either way, this is a huge circus, and will continue to get crazier until LeBron actually signs.

Just sit back and enjoy it.
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