LeBron James helps Heat rise up to Lakers

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Blog Photo - LeBron James helps Heat rise up to Lakers
LeBron James’ phenomenal form helped the Miami Heat beat the Los Angeles Lakers 107-97 in a record-setting showdown on Sunday. James scored 32 points and Dwyane Wade 30 points to take the Miami Heat to their fifth consecutive victory.
For five straight games LeBron James has come up with at least 30 points for the Miami Heat, which is a franchise record. James’ shooting has been better than the 60 percent mark in all five games as well.
Other big names for the Miami Heat were Mario Chalmers and Chris Bosh. Chalmers scored 13 points and Bosh had 12 points and 11 rebounds under his belt in the Sunday game.
With the New York Knicks losing to the Los Angeles Clippers earlier on Sunday, Heat moved two and a half games clear of them in the Eastern Conference Standings.
Kobe Bryant had the best stats for the Lakers. The five-time NBA champion had 28 points and nine assists for his side. Earl Clark got 18 points on the board with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash scoring 15 points each.
It was a close contest for most of the day and only in the final moments were the reigning NBA champions able to pull away from the Lakers. With just about 7:15 left on the clock Dwyane Wade scored a five straight points for his side which resulted in Heat going up 89-82, which happened to be the biggest lead Erik Spoelstra’s men had all day
Just a minute later, the Miami Heat pulled off what might be their signature move. Wade got hold of a pass from Kobe Bryant and quickly threw it to Bosh before falling out of bounds. Chris Bosh passed it clean to Norris Cole, who zipped past Steven Nash and lobbed it over to LeBron James.
The reigning MVP was already 10 steps ahead of everyone, LeBron James jumped, soared and dunked to give the Miami Heat a seven-point lead. And this was just one of the instances of what the Miami Heat and LeBron James came up with on Sunday night.
“His game is getting better, and that’s scary,” said Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. After a year, which has been named by many as the ‘Year of LeBron’, it appears as if LeBron James is already ready to break his past records. Well, at least Heat coach Erik Spoelstra believes so.
“I say this to Miami fans, don’t take it for granted,” Erik Spoelstra said. “He’s making greatness look easy.”
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