LeBron James may return to the Cleveland Cavaliers

One writer thinks LeBron will eventually return to Cleveland. Wait, what?

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The thought of LeBron James returning to Cleveland is quite mind boggling, if you ask me. But to one writer from Ohio, it's a legitimate possibility.


Sam Amico of FOXSportsOhio.com thinks that once LeBron's contract with the Heat offers him an opportunity to opt out in 2014, Cleveland is a very likely landing spot for him.

On some levels, it makes sense. Of course, he grew up in Ohio, he has lots of friends and family there, he has done a lot of charity work there, and he already spent 7 outstanding seasons there.

But wait... don't we remember what happened The Decision? Don't we remember the backlash that ensued, with the jersey burnings and name-calling? Don't we remember Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's hilariously venomous Comic Sans hate letter?

Could LeBron actually look past all of that and take his talents back to Cleveland? If he could, would the fans (and the Cavaliers) even want him back?

LeBron will be 29 years old when he gets the chance to opt out of his current contract. That would place him securely in the prime of his career, for at least 3-4 seasons. So... yes, the Cavaliers and their fans would absolutely love to have him back, no matter what they say. He'll be the best basketball player on the planet at that point, and EVERY team in the league will be drooling at the thought of signing him.

More importantly, could LeBron go home again? Could he go back into the fickle arms of the fans who had loved him throughout high school and his ensuing 7 seasons with the Cavs, only to turn their back on him when he chased a championship in Miami?

That's the tougher question.

According to Amico, James isn't a huge fan of the way things work in Miami.

"Now, there is talk that James is less-than-thrilled with certain aspects of the Heat organization. Sources in Miami say that while James still thoroughly enjoys playing alongside fellow stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he doesn’t particularly care for the heavy-handed and disciplined style of team president Pat Riley."

But is that enough to make him opt out of a max contract and leave a team that is clearly built to win right now?

The whole reason LeBron went to Miami is because he wanted to play with other superstars, and he wanted to win. The only way he could possibly go back to Cleveland is if he thought they were one player away from winning a championship, and he thought he could be that player.

It's possible that they could be in that situation in 2014. They have Kyrie Irving, who looks like he'll end up being an excellent player. They still have time to improve between now and then.

But could he really go back to a place that inspired this much hatred?

Honestly, I doubt it.
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1/25/12   |   billywa   |   658 respect

 I agree with heelfan, LeBron will go wherever there's more money.  And that won't be Cleveland. Ever.

1/25/12   |   heelfan811   |   16747 respect

No chance of LeBron being a Cav again...I see him as a Knick or a Laker before it is over...