LeBron Wins Elusive First Ring

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Blog Photo - LeBron Wins Elusive First Ring
When you look at the two bracelets on LeBron James' wrists, it says, “I PROMISE.”  After closing out Game 5 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James kept his promise and delivered a NBA Championship to the city of Miami. 

"It's about damn time.  It's about damn time, "LeBron said.  "This is probably the happiest day of my life.  Happiest day of my life.  I wouldn't want to spend it with nobody else in the world besides my teammates, these fans, oh my God, you guys are unbelievable.  This is a dream come true."
This is also a heavy burden lifted off of James - as finally silenced all his critics - and placed himself amongst the pantheon of the other NBA Champions.
Dwyane Wade said, "I don't know if I could be happier for another guy.  I'm proud of him.  He really took being the best player in the league to another level."
After last year’s loss to Dallas in the Finals, the Heat admitted that the loss hung heavily around their neck.  LeBron said, "The best thing that happened to me was losing in the Finals.  I've taken one week off since we lost in the Finals.  I got right back in the gym and I got back to the basics.  It humbled me a lot.  I knew I was going to have to change as a basketball player and change as a person."
And to LeBron’s credit, his suffering would soon lead to his glory.  Not only was LeBron the regular season MVP, but after tonight, he was the Finals MVP as well. 

Now that LeBron has finally chased down his elusive championship ring, the only question that remains now is, how many more rings can he add to his fingers?
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