LeBron goes limp as Spurs take Game 1 in NBA Finals

Why did LeBron James cramp up more than anyone else?

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Game 1 of the NBA Finals will go down as one of the more memorable games in NBA Finals' history, but mostly for the wrong reasons. 20 years from now this game likely won't be remembered for the Spurs shooting an unfathomable 14-16 from the floor and 6-6 from 3-pt range in the 4th quarter. Digest those stats for a second.

Blog Photo - LeBron goes limp as Spurs take Game 1 in NBA Finals
Unfortunately, Game 1 will be remembered as "Heat Gate" or whatever clever phrase millions will call it. LeBron James will be criticized as if he's never won an MVP or 2 NBA titles. I can see it now, 'how could "Queen James", or "LeFraud", or "LeBitch" come out of the 4th quarter during the NBA Finals? Especially for cramps, right? Jordan would've never left the game.'

How could such an athletic freak with muscles on top of muscles be affected more than anyone else by such sweltering conditions? People who follow MMA or boxing know the answer. Well, if you listen to the broadcasts you should. Often times when a fighter carries more muscle they will fatigue faster due to the larger muscles needing more oxygen.
  LeBron James weighs approximately 270 lbs and has a large amount of muscle mass. His muscles couldn't get enough oxygen in those conditions. While the temperature in the building did impact other players, nobody else broke down the way LeBron did.

LeBron doesn't have your "typical" basketball body; he's built like a football player. Look at how lean the majority of the league is in comparison. People have often made comments about him and Dwight Howard being on "something."

And this wasn't the first time James has suffered from cramping. It happened two years ago in the NBA Finals. The physique that has contributed to his domination of the league, just cost him and the Heat Game 1.
  It is a shame James left the game because I think we were headed for a classic finish. His defensive absence was clearly the difference in the game. Once he vacated the floor, the Spurs offense went into another gear. And it's not as if the Spurs were struggling to score with James on the floor; they just stopped turning the ball over and executed much easier. LeBron's length and quickness, along with so many uncharacteristically unforced errors, led to 22 Spurs' turnovers.

Last year Danny Green set an NBA Finals' record by draining 26 three-point field goals. For 3 quarters in Game 1 he was shutout from downtown. When the 4th quarter started I thought that Green would need to make a couple in order for the Spurs to take Game 1.

It's always the first one that's the hardest to go down when struggling. Green was 0-5 from beyond the arc. When he hit his first three--his reaction was priceless. Green shook his head as if to say, it's about time, with a look of relief.

Nice to see an NBA player with real human emotion versus the obligatory pounding of ones chest while screaming like an idiot.

I digress.

That one shot flipped the proverbial switch for Green as he went on to hit two more from downtown, along with a fastbreak dunk.

I felt this win for the Spurs was critical based on Miami's recent struggles in Game 1. You couldn't allow the Heat to steal Game 1 and be in the driver's seat from the start. With that said, the Heat have proven to embrace any adversity and normally make the necessary adjustments in Game 2. Keep in mind, that while the Heat's defense hasn't been as good this season, it's still superior to any opponent San Antonio has played this postseason.

Really AT&T Center??? AC fails in 2014 and there's no quick fix? That's almost as bad as the power outage in the Super Bowl. And cue the AT&T jokes, considering how poor their "nation wide 4G" coverage is. I live in the biggest city in the country, NYC, and my service would crap out in midtown Manhattan. Those scumbags actually forced me to buy out of my contract 4 years ago.

It is funny how the "old" Spurs handled the conditions better in the end.

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6/6/14   |   Scott   |   54778 respect

Just goes to show you that the Big 3 is absolutely nothing without King James.  Heat were winning this game when he went out and they fell apart when he left