LeBron or KD?

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My friends and I recently did a fantasy draft where we had to construct a championship caliber team for the next three years.  Since it was for the next three years, this dropped the stock of older players such as Kobe, KG, and Tim Duncan and raised the stock of younger players such as Blake Griffin, Rajon Rondo, and Andrew Bynum.  The key was to find players that weren’t too old and players that weren't too young; players that were on the decline of their career or players that weren't quite in their prime yet.  The key was to pick players that were in their prime right now.

The biggest controversy in our draft, however, was who should be selected with #1 pick?  LeBron James or Kevin Durant?  The #2 pick was obviously the stress-free pick because it was the default pick; the win-win pick.  LeBron and KD are essentially 1 and 1a or 1a and 1. 
In our draft, my friend chose to go with KD as the #1 pick; partly because he’s a hater, and he just hates LeBron.  The other part is because….wait, there is no other part.  He just hates LeBron. 

For the more objective amongst us, the pick was a bit polarizing.  Half of us thought he should’ve picked LeBron.  The other half of us thought that he correctly chose KD.
This post-season, the two super-stars were putting up ungodly numbers with:
LeBron James                        Kevin Durant
30.8 ppg                                   27.8 ppg
9.6 rpg                                      7.9 rpg
5.1 apg                                     4.2 apg
50.8 fg%                                   50.5 fg%
LeBron’s numbers are clearly better, but in the next three years he’ll be 30 years old.  KD, on the other hand, will only be 26 years old.  That’s right.  He’s only twenty-three right now and he’s already won 3 straight scoring championships. 
Still, I get the feeling that LeBron will still be LeBron even at the age of 30.  He’s the MVP of the league for a reason and it wouldn’t surprise me if he got the MVP award two more times. 

What makes the argument even more compelling is that LeBron and KD play the same position at small forward.  Which means that we're going to be seeing a whole lot of LeBron vs. KD in the Finals.  And perhaps then, we'll have a better idea of who is better.

In the meantime, who would you choose to build a team around for the next three years?  LeBron or KD?
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I think i would have to go with Lebron because of defense and all around game. They are both great offensive players but LBJ is one of the top defensive players in the game and he also gives you assists and  rebounds to go along with it .